31 Mom Things

In honor of my 31st birthday, here is a quick list of some mom things I’ve learned in my years of motherhood. This is not an exhaustive, detailed, or specific list; but a few truths off the top of my head from my motherhood journey so far:

  1. There is nothing quite like holding your baby for the first time.
  2. With each child you do not divide your love, you gain more love.
  3. Give hugs, kisses, and I Love Yous generously.
  4. It should be a law that finger and toe nails should not grow until the child is able to trim them him or herself.
  5. Baby laughs are universally mood boosting.
  6. Your kids are never too young to learn about Christ- sing them Bible verses, get them a boardbook Bible, pray over and with them.
  7. Do not wake a sleeping baby!
  8. Stretch! You essentially become a ninja maneuvering under a sleeping baby, handing toys/snack to the backseat while driving, reaching long lost toys that have been dropped in the hardest to reach spaces…
  9. Not all strollers are created equal.
  10. Hold your children to your expectations (manners, behavior) from the beginning so they don’t know any different when they are older.
  11. Graham crackers are very, very messy.
  12. Keep wipes in several rooms in the house, in your bags and purses, and in your car. At.all.times.
  13. Catching bodily fluids with minimal mess should be a skill point on a resume.
  14. YouTube Kids is amazing! So many educational cartoons!
  15. YouTube Kids is horrible! Finger family and surprise egg/toy shows!
  16. The joy of watching brothers grow up together is one of the greatest in my life.
  17. Cultivate their interests. Even if it doesn’t interest you (spoiler: it will probably begin to interest you!)
  18. Nothing reminds you of how ridiculous the English language is like teaching your child to read.
  19. Your kids are not perfect and neither are you.
  20. Find a sitter! They are out there waiting and you and your kids will love them!
  21. Read to your kids and let them read to you. It is not wasted time!
  22. Messes can be cleaned, but memories last forever.
  23. Kids brains are like pinballs- bouncing around from topic to topic and quickly forgetting what they were doing or where they were going.
  24. Putting on the sunscreen or layering on the snow gear is worth it- get them outside!
  25. Create boundaries for your kids and your family- protect your families physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  26. Ask forgiveness from your kids when you have wronged them.
  27. Focus on teaching your children life skills and not only on test scores.
  28. Surround yourself with like-minded mamas for support and encouragement- even if just “oh! You let your kids eat snacks off the ground too? Awesome!”
  29. You’ll look back on the hardest of times with strength and perseverance knowing you survived.
  30. Time goes so fast and babies grow quickly.
  31. Always remember that your children belong to God and you are merely the steward over their lives.
My boys treating me to birthday donuts and coffee this morning.

Every day I learn more about motherhood and more about the deep, deep love of our Heavenly Father. I praise Him for giving me another year to serve Him by serving my littles. I pray I grow more into the mother He has called me to be and mirror His image far more than my own.

What has surprised you most in motherhood?

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