Be Still

It’s been a little quiet on the blog because the words have not been coming. I’ve jotted down several ideas for posts and have another handful of posts about 75% completed. But then I hit a mental roadblock and the words don’t flow. Instead of pressing forward and forcing the words, I have tried to be mindful of what God might be trying to teach me.

This space is about the Lord and His goodness. He provides me with my joyful MOMents and so graciously reveals truths about Himself through my children. Every single day I learn more about Him, but sometimes He is doing an even greater work in my heart that takes longer than a moment to settle into my heart. I have seen, heard, and felt bits and pieces of this current lesson, but it hasn’t all come together yet. So instead of pushing the issue to meeting my self-imposed publishing deadlines, I have decided to sit back and be still.

God does not operate on our time table. Praise Him for His sovereignty over my own will, Amen? Right now He is reminding me to slow down and listen, truly listen to Him. I am prone to discover a truth, jot it down, and quickly move past the marvel of His revelation. In doing this, how often do I see the beauty of a single flower but miss the glory of the full field? Am I too busy to slow down and meditate on His truth and allow Him to continue to work in my heart and mind? Are my daily activities too important that I cannot pause and just dwell in the Lord for a moment longer to capture His true essence and glory?

God does not need my help in reaching the lost world. He does not need my help discipling other women in my home church or the corporate church body. He does not need me to pen these little revelations He so generously bestows on my heart to reach and teach. He is more than able to stir hearts to Himself. He is more than able to provide wisdom and understanding to each member of His own body. He is more than able to do all His good works entirely independently of any man.

But He is so good that He welcomes us to join Him in His work. He allows us to grow together in community to learn more about our weaknesses and His strength. He provides opportunities for us to share our stories and lean in to discipling relationships for our growth and His glory. He is so good that He chooses not to do it all on His own, because He loves us and wants us to share in His joy.

So this lack of inspiration and lack of guidance does not mean that He has left me. For we know that the Spirit indwells us (John 14:16-18) and we are never alone. No, this period of quiet is an opportunity for me to be still and listen to the Lord. It is an opportunity for me to draw near to Him and be refreshed. It is an opportunity for me to dwell with Him and renew my focus.

What a blessing to have a Savior who seeks us and desires us. What a blessing to be known by The Sovereign God of the universe.

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