Christ In Me

Reading by lantern during a power outage.

By nature, I am an extremely impatient person. I am overwhelmingly selfish and arrogant and proud. But through God’s good grace, He has been chipping away each of those traits little by little. He has shown me the power of His patience and selflessness and meekness and humility. By experiencing Him I desire to be more like Him.

In the past when I would be stuck in traffic or enduring a power outage, I would roll my eyes and mutter how someone else’s stupidity had brought me here-and-why can’t people just pay attention to what they are doing-and-how I would be late and how my time is being wasted… me me me. But now when unexpected circumstances arise, I wonder what caused the delay and I pray over the situation and whoever is involved. I pray that there were no injuries or damage or pain surrounding the cause. I pray for patience for myself and everyone else during the waiting period. I pray for speedy restoration. Then I turn and pray for loved ones and world events and the Church and my family. I confess my shortcomings and I praise the Lord for His goodness. This time that I used to count as wasted is now redeemed for eternal glory.

This is a snapshot of Christ in me. I used to think that having a “boring, raised attending Church, salvation at a young age” meant that I was lacking. I didn’t have an attention-getting story through which I could share the gospel. But I now realize that knowing Jesus for almost the entirety of my life was a great blessing. I now understand that not having horrors to turn away from was God preserving me and not His preventing me from “the worldly excitement”. I now proclaim that my pride and arrogance were as much a sin sending me to hell as a stealing or murder. Because our standard is Jesus and we all fall short, every single time. By God’s grace, He has been pouring His wisdom into my heart and mind and He has been transforming me from the inside out so that my responses are different and reflect Him.

So tonight, I read by lantern and I pray for whoever or whatever caused the power outage. I pray for the linemen working to restore the power quickly. I pray for those experiencing grief and sadness and pain tonight. I pray for you, dear friend, that you will feel the presence of God and experience His peace that passes all understanding.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

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