Continual Providence

Earlier this week I had an unexpected, last minute eye appt. I needed an updated rx regardless, but specifically I found out that I needed my Dr. to sign off in order to renew my driver’s license. This is required for out of state residents and the clock was ticking as the expiration date was fast approaching.

Being a transient, military family has drawbacks. A few for us have included living far from family (spanning 10-17 driving hours), having to change churches and schools, and determining residency and registrations and all the legal aspects of moving (and not forgetting to update EVERY online account’s address!). However, there are also many benefits. These include being removed from possible family drama, expanding our personal communities through multiple churches and schools, and having license plates representing each home as decor in the boys’ room. Pros and cons, easy and difficult. 

But this week, as I ordered a year’s worth of contact lenses with my updated rx, I was amazed that the cost was no where near as high as I expected. In my mind I was prepared for a much higher amount and couldn’t believe it was half of that (plus an additional half off once I sent in the rebate!). However, the cost hadn’t changed. In fact, like everything else, the cost has probably increased since my last order and certainly since my first round of contacts early in our marriage. Back then I truly didn’t know where the money would come from for this expense. I only ordered enough to cover a couple months and put it on the credit card. This month not only did I pay for these contacts up front, but also paid the annual private school fees, ordered new school uniforms, and purchased birthday presents. All expenses out of the “extra” category of the monthly budget.

So as I sign the form to renew my driver’s license and mail it off with my eye Dr.’s signature, I am so grateful for what the military has done for our family. There is an awful lot of hard that comes with this lifestyle, but there are also so many blessings. Today I am grateful for the steady paycheck the military provides so that the “extra” in our budget can be covered. Most importantly, I am so grateful for my soldier who works hard and well to provide for our family. This year holds a lot of little army exercises that take him away from home for days, weeks, or months, but we are so thankful for the provision it brings our family and the security it brings our nation.

Praise the Lord for teaching us perseverance when the budget was tight, and good management when our budget holds excess. He provides all we need in every season. May we continue to care for His blessings wisely and well to showcase His goodness and increase His kingdom. 

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