Dear Third Child

Dear Third Child,

You are such a blessing to our family and you bring me, your mom, so much joy. You are confident, very generous with your smiles, and full of sweetness. You have never met someone who you would not consider your friend and you are fast to forgive. You have a grateful heart and a teachable spirit. I am so thankful for the gift that you are.

Some days I feel guilty for all the lack in your life. I am much more tired and much less patient. My brain feels spent with creative crafts and exciting learning opportunities. I forget just how little you still are and compare you to your older siblings unfairly, but also appreciate how eager you are to do what the “big kids” are doing. You rarely receive my undivided attention and so much of your life consists of hand-me-downs.

But when I look at you, you are amazing! You have been taught cooperation and you have such an encouraging spirit. You have learned bravery and boldness by following your brothers and not having time to notice that your smaller stature might limit you. You are learning that life is not always fair, but that we can work together to benefit the group. The unique struggles of the youngest brother have strengthened you and I am so impressed by your resilience.

What I perceive as failure, you embrace with enthusiasm. What I confess as shortcoming, you receive with grace. For everything I’m not, you lovingly remind me of all that I am.

I may not be as young and energetic as I once was, but I am more seasoned and wise in my motherhood. I may not be the perfect mother, but I have learned from my mistakes and have grown in humility. You may lack my singular care and attention, but there are so many more hands and hearts in our home to support you. 

So, my sweet and spicy Third Child, 

I am so thankful for you, that you exist and are mine. I am so grateful for all that you bring to our family and the ways you grow and stretch me. You bring so much laughter and joy to our days and I hope that you never lose your sense of optimism. 

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