Finding a Quiet Time

Finding time to study the Bible is hard for mothers of little ones. Little fingers want to grab pages and papers and pens. Daily Quiet Time is laughable because is a house with children ever quiet? Mothers are often tired and mom-brain is a very real dilemma, so we may find ourselves reading the same passage over and over and still be unsure what we have just read.

There are four things I have discovered that really help me maintain a consistent Bible study during this season of young motherhood:

1. Include the children: I hope my children remember seeing me and their father reading the Word. I hope they grow up thinking Bible study is a normal and daily activity. We sit together at the table or on the couch and we each have our own Bibles to read: a board book Bible for babies and toddlers, a storybook Bible for preschoolers, a children’s Bible for school-aged children.The boys may use The Bible for Kids App or draw a picture of the story. Sometimes the boys want to read what I am reading and sometimes they want to read about the stories they hear at church or school. Reading the Bible together as a family is a practice that cannot be started too early.
2. Have accountability: After having my first baby, I looked for a women’s Bible study to join to have adult conversation and free childcare. I didn’t want to show up to class unprepared, so this provided accountability to be in the Word. On my own, I might forget to read my Bible or make excuses throughout the day. But with accountability, I found the time; whether it be while I’m making dinner or before I go to bed.

Working on my group Bible study while dinner cooks.

3. Mentorship: Last summer I read Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth with a group. God had already been whispering to my heart about mentorship and I resolved to purposefully enter into mentoring relationships. A mentor provides more personal accountability. Sharing your story is one of the great ways to share the gospel to others. Discipleship promotes further growth throughout the church.

4. Pray with conviction: In Acts 12, the church was meeting together to fervently pray for the release of Paul. Paul walks out of prison and knocks on the door. They did not expect him so he was left standing on the doorstep! Is this how we are praying? Are we asking God for healing and growth and miracles but then are in disbelief when He answers? Do we ask for better sleep, more time to study the Bible, and greater patience with our children and then not take advantage of the time He provides? We need to pray with conviction that He will answer our prayers and be alert for His working in our lives.

Waiting to pickup my kids from school. God provides little chunks of time.

Even when we have full days, we always need to prioritize time with the Lord. The beauty of communion with the Spirit? He is everywhere! He is in the third dirty diaper of the day as your service to your infant is showing the love of the Father. He is in the spilled milk that you mop up as you grow in patience and endurance. He is in the grocery shopping process as He provides the means to feed your family. Each of these everyday MOMents are an opportunity to dwell with the Spirit because He is with you always. He will meet you where you are and whisper truths over your heart.

If you are like me and struggle with consistent, daily time with God then I hope these ideas can help you refocus. What is your greatest quiet time struggle?

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  1. Dena

    January 13, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Love this so much! Thank you! And we had 4 dirty (poop) diapers yesterday after a round of antibiotics so I really appreciate and realste to your reference above! Thanks again, Becca! Well written, as always! ❤️

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