How We Met

This is our love story.

You know how everyone says they want a man like Jack Pearson? While watching This Is Us, I randomly thought, “Huh, he reminds me of Matt! Except…” and I went on to list a few ways my husband is superior to Jack Pearson. Then I sat back and smiled because I really got myself a good one.

Whenever I try to write our “how we met” story it ends up sounding immature and very high school because… we were in high school! But everyone loves a good “how we met” story, so here is ours:

We were both in high school Chorale and at our first rehearsal I knew we were seated next to each other. Background: I knew he didn’t like me and thought I was an annoying, flirty, borderline-stalker junior. Why did he think this? Because I was an annoying, flirty, borderline-stalker junior. But it was going to be a long year of rehearsals, concerts, and the spring break tour so I figured I might as well try to make a good impression. So for whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to joyfully skip into the room and plop down next to him, smile, and say “hi”. He smiled back.

Our first picture together as friends in Feb. 2004

Like I said, it was a long year of rehearsals, concerts, and the spring break tour… and our friendship grew as we discovered we were both just a little goofy (Ok, a LOT goofy). Matt was in a relationship at the time, so our friendship was safe to grow without all the extra feelings. Because high schoolers are so good at keeping their feelings in check, right? At a Chorale retreat I told a friend that I thought I had a little crush on Matt. Some typical high school drama followed and he graduated, went off to college, and that was that.

Much to my surprise, while away at college and now single, he began to email and then call me. I visited him at college with my parents later in the fall and by the time Christmas vacation rolled around we had spent hours on the phone. The 800 miles that separated us really helped us truly get to know each other. Remember how I was an annoying, flirty, borderline-stalker girl? I asked all about his childhood, dreams and aspirations, and even what our future children might be named (our oldest was named in 2004 and not born until 2012). All of this didn’t scare him away. He asked me to be his girlfriend over Christmas break and I made plans to join him at college the following fall.

My 18th birthday.

Two years later we were engaged. Another year after that we were new college graduates, married, and settled into our new lives in Virginia. Being away from family while we dated and were newlyweds really helped us to leave and cleave, which I think is so important in any marriage. Developing a strong partnership is vital to a healthy marriage. Not having the option to “run back home” during the newlywed disagreements helped us learn positive conflict resolution (through a LOT of trial and error).

We met when we were teenagers and went through major developmental years together. We were only 20 and 22 when we got married and still had a lot to learn about ourselves. As we figured out who we were as individuals we grew closer together as a couple. We don’t have all the answers or the best relationship advice, but we continue to grow and learn together while appreciating our similarities and differences.

This is our 13th Valentine’s Day together and I hope we have many more to celebrate. We don’t generally celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I am so thankful to have someone to love and appreciate every single day.

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