Reading List Additions

Five more books found their way into my hands and under my nose this half year! The boys and I have rediscovered our love for read alouds together and I remembered that we do not have to wait for school breaks to read together! Hopefully even more classic children’s books will find their way onto my reading list as the boys and I adventure together.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Florence and Richard Atwater 

I first heard this book in second grade when my teacher read it aloud to us. It was instantly a favorite and I read my boys my original copy from that grade. I again was drawn into the story of Mr. Popper receiving first one and then a second penguin. I gushed over the penguin chicks and laughed at their antics. The boys all loved it and even my 2-year-old excitedly told Grammy on the phone that we were reading “Popper’s Penguins”. Even little ears can take in so much!

Arcade and the Triple T Token by Rashad Jennings

This was sent to me for review and I am so thankful to have read it! I put it on my boys’ bookshelf so it will be ready and waiting for them to be old enough to read it (I would guess around age 9-12). First, I am a big fan of Rashad. He is a man of integrity and he shamelessly spreads the truth of Jesus. Arcade is the main character of his children’s fiction series. He finds himself the owner of a special golden token on a chain that takes him on many adventures. The characters are interesting and realistic, the adventure is engaging, and it leaves the reader eager for the next book!

Arcade and the Golden Travel Guide by Rashad Jennings

This is the second book in the Coin Slot Chronicles. We are introduced to some new characters while learning more about some of the old. This story is in a different setting, but more characters are involved in the adventure. The plot thickens when Arcade realizes who is behind some difficulties he’s experiencing and finds out his parents may have been in a similar situation before. Again, the story concludes with some major points resolved but some mystery leaving the reader wanting to start the next book immediately. This book is available for pre-order now and will release in September 2019.

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones

While I would not normally include a Children’s Bible, I have a few thoughts on this particular one that I would like to share. I read through this will my boys for Lenten season as there are right around 40 stories. I had previously never read through the entire book because it is not my favorite, but I figured I should read the whole thing before completely disregarding it. I know so many people who list this as their favorite children’s Bible, citing the way it links every story to Jesus as a helpful feature (which I agree, teaching the meta narrative of Scripture at a young age is so helpful for lifelong understanding). I will probably never read through this Bible again and have put it away in our cabinets and not on our bookshelves. Having grown up in the church, I realized how many Sunday School stories added to Scripture. Some details were hard to replace in my mind when I later would read Scripture for myself. I think the Jesus Storybook Bible takes too many liberties with the stories, adds details that are no where in Scripture, and speaks on behalf of God where He has not spoken in His Word. There are many other children’s Bibles that I think are more Biblically based than this option. I am thankful to live in a time and place where there are so many options to train our children. I am thankful that many families have found wonderful Bible study time together with their children with this Bible. However, I think there are options that stay more true to Scripture and also incorporate the meta narrative.

Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman

This was given to my husband and I by one of our church pastors when we obtained membership at our church. The church will be using this as future curriculum for church membership and it is an excellent resource for believers to understand the command of membership and the requirements of membership. This is part of the 9Marks series, which are short, easy to read books explaining how the church should function according to Scripture. This was so helpful to explain some views I had of the church, specifically church discipline, but had not been able to adequately verbalize. I highly recommend any of the 9Marks books for insight into the position and purpose of the Church.

It is always a blessing to receive recommendations on new books, books as gifts, or to have the opportunity to help launch a new title. I am thankful for the opportunity to read these extra books this past half year and have grown in faith and imagination because of these works.

Have any books surprised you when you read them? Whether positively or negatively?

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